Past Doomsday`s

Friday 24th September 2010

Our tribe arrived in Dowerin at 11.40am, we did our usual stop in town at the roadhouse for hot chips before making our way to the farm/launch site. Well 6 of us and the dog and cat were having much needed stretch when Jeremy rang as he was already at the launch site ready to set up camp with his 2 children wow the members are keen this year .

Garrick and Cherie arrived with new camp set up in tow, followed by Dazza and the rest of his tribe in a hired camper van thingy. Next to turn up was Peter from the Gravity centre.

With camp de moore all setup the boys were off to set up the range for a few flights. Peter was the first to open the weekend this year.

As dark set in so it was time to have some food around the small camp area as the big bonfire area would be used when more members turned up the next day. At this stage the drinks were flowing and the convo was being enjoyed. 16 of us exchanging stories when another car load turned up it was scott and tribe wanting to not miss a good camp spot.

20 of us around a camp fire drinking and what not when the airhorns started, ohh yeah a few members were going to fix those airhorns where Phil did not want them by the end of the weekend, they were loud you could hear them 5kms away in town lol. many comments about village people were made that night and I will leave that with those in the know quietly laughing at the memory .

It was nearing 11pm and OMG Wayne was still awake and being sociable this means that the nanna title has finally been given to someone else this year . The boys this year were out to prove that they could outstay the girls, with all the girls in bed the boys then had the competition to see who could be the last to bed hahahaha silly silly its only the first night. Also watching Scott head to Jeremy's tent was a highlight that night - yes we were watching heeheehee. I remember slowly dozing off to the sound of that bloody airhorn. PHIL!!!!!

Saturday 25th September 2010

The morning stated with yep you guessed it that bloody airhorn. 6am wake up I was so glad I was already up and cooking brekky for the tribe, pitied those who were not so lucky.

It was time to premake lunch and sort out the range stuff and get into town before everything closes at lunchtime. The girls and I made our way to go shopping and put some much needed funds into the community.

Darren was the first to launch that morning and this was the first of many launches that day some I think a few do not wish to re-live. 90 flights all up including the 2 bigger launches.

The first bit of entertainment came at 10.35 when Dazza launched the certfire on a J350 maiden flight landing near Garricks brand new car. Garrick then retaliated with the Black Brant on a H180 and the first lawn dart began, that will teach you. Jeremy was on a roll having some great flights until he lawn darted the patriot in the middle of the field, it did look good from where I was sitting.

Gizmo Ken was in town, Wayne and tribe were now setting up and several other members and non camping members all started to turn up, Andrew, Emma and Ashley's tribe turned up briefly dumped their gear and headed into town to the pub for the Grand final. 4 Adults and 7 children all in tow this year and our newest member Bailey approx 7 months old, this time next year he will be up with his brothers flying no doubt.

At 11.30am Phil was in a bit of a panic as he just remembered the bolts for his electronics bay were still in Perth where he left them in a good spot. So a mad race into town to see if we could find something to work with, after a few strange looks as Phil walked through town electonics bay under his arm we found what we needed.

We passed Kev and friend on their bikes heading to the launch site.

The kids were happy with their drag races and Gizmo Ken was gearing up to do his Cert flight this weekend and was launching his Aspire on G motors, some really good flights.

Phil launched the blackjack L that was awesome, followed by another perfect flight in the firestorm on a K270 which went to 13990ft Congrats on the personal record and a PARC record Wayne. Wayne also sent up Predator on an I669 Warp motor man it hooted.

The younger members were having a blast with their rocket flights and with perfect weather who wouldn't be having fun. I could see that there was going to be some hurting bodies tomorrow.

Mike arrived and the Tap family also turned up this arvo and James and Shaz were staying at the B@B in town yep James got the princess title this year lol.

James launched his new miniraptor on an I300 what an awesome flight.

5.13 it was time to launch the Samurai on its maiden flight not before this stranger was seen on the field waving at me, OMG it was Itchy some 20kgs lighter so a quick dash across the field for a hello then back to setting up the Samurai, now I looked around to see most of the members and visitors waiting for me to launch ugghh no pressure or nothing hey guys. Countdown began then it occured to me I didnt remember screwing the nosecone on tight better check it. All checked countdown done then off she flew gotta love that whistle do not love the look of a ballistic Samurai as I turned away waiting for the thud everyone cheered as the chute deployed half way down. I felt a little better but I did expect a zipper she was coming in fast.

Yep Samurai broken but nothing that cannot be fixed least Phil didnt break it this year .

A quick count of members we were at 57 by Sat arvo with more expected Sunday.

A minie Magg drag race all on J500's was starting at 6.45pm Dazza, Phil, Garrick and Myself well 3 took off it took Garrick 3 times to get it up. Dazza was first off pad and last to land, I was 2nd off pad and 1st to land YAY I won, Phil was 3rd but 2nd to land. When the rockets were up in the air it took some time before we saw chutes but one by one we located all the rockets, by the time the rockets were retrieved it was getting dark.

Everyone disappeared for dinner and showers and we all met around the medium firepit to commence the AGM at 8.10pm

Tonight was alot of fun the boys and kids were off having cave time us girls were talking around the fire. We all ended back around the smaller campfire later that night. All the girls once again went to bed around 11pm the boys continued their competition of not going to bed first. Dazza was first to bed, Mike went for a pitstop and came back to find Wayne, Phil and Garrick all gone to bed. Apparently the boys were sitting around the fire as one yawned they all yawned all waiting for someone to go to bed first.


MOST IMPRESSIVE LAWN DART - Garrick / Black Brant H180

PERFECT FLIGHT - James / Mini Raptor I300


CLOSEST TO THE PAD - James Jnr / Sizzler C6-7

MOST SPECTACULAR STUFF UP - Dazza / Cal kid on a k 805!



LONGEST WALK - Wayne 1.1km




Sunday 26th September 2010

75 launches today and a whole lot of carnage to go with it

Bill started the flights with a Stormcaster on a E9-6 this morning, Katrina Jnr, Andy and Matt all had good flights before Dazza walked out to the pad with the newly built Amraam 4. This is one nice looking rocket and it flew perfectly on a J 350.

Wayne, James, Garrick and Phil were all in the pits getting their big rocket flights all in order for a 12pm start as half the Dowerin town was coming for a look. Phil was hoping to burn both M motors today so he was busy getting everything in order.

Andy had some really good flights on the Norad on G motors, our younger lady members were flying wizards on C6-5 and with the weather so nice not many long walks for the kids as launch after launch they ran to pick up rockets.

Garrick decided to fly his Broken Arrow on a K1100 that should wake the town up, the moo cow flew well and again another not so long walk. Lorraine and Scott were flying a few rockets just before Peter decided to lawn dart the Mayonaise close to the pad.

I do have to mention I love watching the kids in our club and the enthusiasm they have launching their rockets it was so hard to choose 2 junior members for awards and trophies this year so I came up with a solution to give out 3 awards to the 3 families jointly because there is no way I could choose 2 children from the 6. The kids were happy enough with the medals that were handed out as they had good flights but these kids did deserve a few rocket kits to take home as prizes.

Dazza was back on the pad with his raptor on a J420 this had a camera attached I do recall the camera not surviving the flight. Bill was next up to try and launch his stealth on an F20-4 but no it was not going to happen, a few of the seniors tried other means to light this motor and it would still not go, this was one tough little motor.

As we gear up for the midday launches Emma launched her newly built Quasar One Rocket and I must say what a great job of the decals EM, poor Em was being harassed by a few of the boys the previous night as she worked trying to finish her rocket by camplight. The rocket flew well and it landed so far far away, her partner took off across the paddock after it, he did come back with it too, just as well as the Harvester was on its way to that paddock just as the light breeze was taking rockets out that way.

Ok let the carnage begin with alot of townsfolk now arriving for the big flights the boys had the pads loaded ready to go, first up Phil 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 no go so lets try Waynes, again no go, After some time changing the launch controllers around we were back in business.

Wayne and his Firestorm first off the pad oh dear that doesnt look so good as members spot the pieces showering the launch field. Right Wayne down now Phils turn you could now see he wasn't looking forward to this flight now given the pre flight dramas, Well lucky Phil once again had a brilliant flight with the Competitor 5 on an M1297 and rocket landed not so far away approx 800mts.

Mike was up next with the first hybrid launch for PARC this was a Certification flight and with the carnage continuing Mike's rocket was added to the list as the rocket bounced off the ground on impact.

James continued the carnage and trashed the mini raptor with its flight on a K550 and Dazza continued the streak with the Galaxy on a J1299 as the Galaxy came in and deployed its chute 700ft from impact some damage was to be expected from that flight.

Wayne came back for some more action and launched the Predator and we didnt even see it off she went like a rocket and nope nothing where did it go? Try behind the farmers house and yep there she was dead another rocket to the grave yard. Well with the carnage list piling up now for some successful flights.

gizmo Ken was doing his Cert flight today the Binder Aspire on a H128 great flight and Congrats to Gizmo, Rick came up today to launch and do his Cert flight he also was flying a Binder Aspire some great G flights from Rick as he was time limited he will do his Cert next launch.

Scott also did his cert 1 today on a Binder Jackhammer with a I245 wow the rocket hooted and yes another perfect flight, love watching the jackhammers fly awesome stuff. Congrats Scott

Garrick not to be outdone launched his PML Miranda on a H250 and he ended his launch day with a nice lawn dart one slightly used Miranda up for sale. The blackpowder charge burnt but did not go bang so the rocket went bang instead, know the feeling my Samurai did the same thing last year around the same time too maybe its to do with moisture in the blackpowder.

Jeremy launched his RDII on 2 E9-6 and the rocket had another great flight. Andy continued to fly the Norad whilst most of us were done for the day.

The wackiest launch saw the barbie rocket, a capsicum, a rubber chicken and a flower being launched. This flight was hilarious to watch the first to launch was the flower so funny to watch a flower flying around and around, next was the chicken it went up then did loop to loop and hit the ground, the barbies were next up they went arched over and skidded along the ground, the crime scene photos looked awesome lol, last but not least Dazza launched the capsicum as it spun around on the rod that was classic. After the enjoyment Phil was egged on to launch the chicken again but on a bigger motor D12 off the chicken flew then she crashed it was great to watch and the members agreed as you heard the laughter behind you.

Dazza burned his Warthog on the fire I think it made him feel better hmm not sure.

We had some friends from town pitch a tent that night as their kids and our kids got to know each other. They had a ball whilst the adults sat around the boiler fire near wayne and angelas camp. I got to bed around 2am waiting for another fire in the hole shout out from the farmer but I think he was asleep by then. Phil had also forgotten about the airhorns finally...... Just before I went to bed I looked out over the fields and smiled another great rocketry weekend gone, I love this club its so relaxed, so friendly and best of all I am apart of it

We had a total of 67 members attend this weekend and over 50 spectators. Each year our launch is increasing in numbers and its great to see the members enjoying themselves.



PERFECT FLIGHT - Gizmo Ken / Aspire



BEST LOOKING ROCKET - Scott / Jackhammer


LONGEST WALK - Emma/ Ashley




Monday 27th September 2010

Monday saw a few flights mostly the juniors and Andy and Matt.

A majority of members were packing up to get home, we were staying until Tuesday so no rush for us and Andy and Matt were staying as well.

It was a casual day once everyone had left, Andy and Matt continued to fly and test out the tracker for the rocket, we decided to go for a Drive to Wyalkatchem for icecream 1 hour round trip and a nice look at the country side. Then we went for a heritage walk trail with the kids so another hour passed, it was then back to the range to look for Braydens lost red rocket, ooppss too late the harvester has churned the paddock up.

We packed the range up and then went for a shower to clean up before off to the pub to try the local food.

It was a nice meal and not a bad price either $120 to feed 6 is reasonable. We got back to camp at 8 I was asleep that night by 8.10 and slept until 7am the next morning.

I would like to thank all the members who attended this weekend you are the ones who make this weekend event what it is.

I would like to also thank, Garrick, James, Mike, Dazza, Dawn Trading and WRL Rocketry for their generous donations. You guys rock.....

I look forward to next year

And winner for Rocket God was Phil congrats on a weekend of perfect flights this year job well done........

Winner of the raffle

1st Prize Andy
2nd Prize Scott
3rd Prize Wayne


If you want to see photos of this event then click here - there's too many for a web page!

Nat's journal:

WOW what another great Doomsday @ Dowerin.

I wondered if 2009 would outdo the 2008 in many ways for sure. I have learnt many things this weekend.

So where to start hmmmm.

Friday we (Phil, Jess, Brayden, Emma and myself) arrived at Dowerin around 10am along with Garrick and Cherie. It was time to set up camp and the rocket range. After a few busy hours getting it all done, Wayne, Angela, Anthony and Tyler arrived not long followed by Andy and Nick and Darren and Adam.

The smiles on everyones faces said it all, knowing what a busy weekend was ahead we were casually getting ready for launching.

Andy opened the weekend with the Patriot on a C6-5 followed by Phil with the Executioner on a D12-5, First HPR flight was Dazza with the minie magg on a I245G. And nick flew the baseball bat.

It was time to collect some firewood so we could get the pizza oven heated and ready for dinner. Collecting the firewood was hardwork until the Farmer turned up with his tractor and knocked down the dead trees around the property did I mention I really hate spiders?

Around the campfire, bbqing and cooking pizzas we relaxed and watched the stars and chatted over our drinks and garlic bread and cob loaf. Hmmm were is Wayne? ohh asleep already its only early? Good onya Ange we know who has the balls in your household hahahahaha.

Next year we will be having a nanna and princess award. more about this later.

It was a nice calm before the storm this night and I am glad I got to sit down and have a chat with friends.


Jess started the day with her Guardian on a C6-5, quickly followed by Andy with his Norad on a G53 mmm love this motor. Dazza was up next with his Raptor on an I300 followed by Phil and the V2 on an I245.

Many members had started to arrive by now, James, Kev, Trish, Jeremy, James Jnr, Mark, Katrina, Katrina Jnr, Bill, Mike, Greg, Thomas and 4 new members who joined at Dowerin.

It was a busy morning and one look at Phil and you could see his mind ticking over about his up and coming Cert flight.

It didnt take James long to send his V2 up on a G64 I love watching this rocket fly. Garrick sent up the Endeavour on an I245 Maiden Flight and Dazza's Galaxy went up on a J350 and had a lucky escape when the mains didnt deploy only the drogue no damage to the rocket. Emma, Jeremy and Kev had a few flights before it was 1pm and the entire range went quiet.

Just before 1pm saw Phil walking out to the pad with the Competitor 5 on it ready to prep the rocket before launch. The tower was called clearance was given and the launch was a go. I had never seen so many people stand so still in anticipation before. 5..4..3..2..1..Launch. OMG the build up of smoke pluming and then the take off and next second the roar from the motor as she lifted off the ground and into the sky. The crowd cheered and then again silence until the drogue deployed YAY..... The rocket went behind the tree line so it was a rush to get behind the house to get a clear shot of the rocket deploying main chute which was taking time to open, cutting it close chute opened and the backup had ejected as well.

After a while Phil did not arrive back so Garrick and myself went for a 2 hour walk to try and find the missing rocket. With a rough idea of its location and a paddocks of wheat and canola it was a challenge. We were stuffed and Phil went back for more recruits. Whilst we were out many flights happened as all the Senior members were out in the canola helping Phil. You shouldve seen how stuffed we all were and still no rocket when they all arrived back.

Phil being Phil and he has never lost a rocket yet was determined to keep looking until sundown.

Wayne sent up his Firestorm on a K550 wow it was such an experience to listen to this flight from a distance it looked and sounded awesome I can tell you and it was a nice long drive to collect the rocket. Nice job Wayne. Dazza did manage to launch his Devestator on an I225? and Kev sent the Initiator on a G64. James lanched his Hyperloc on a H180 and the camera footage was brilliant great job.

A nice looking gold rocket was out on the pad what a nice looking rocket a RDR2 on 2 E9-6 and it was the maiden flight too. Bill launched the stormcaster n a D12-5 . Andy had a few crappahead problems then launched the Norad on a G64. and Dazza launched something on a I357.

After several attempts Kevs new Minie Magg on an I200 wow I love watching them go. James sent up the V2 on a G75 and then Garrick was next with the Moooo Cow.

The Moo Cow is a Broken Arrow with a K550 it blasted off the pad and up she went. Something wasnt right on deployment and she was coming in fast. We went looking for the rocket but failed to find it today and we lost light pretty quick.

We were all stuffed Phil made sure of that as I said he was determined to find this rocket before dark, after I was recharged I jumped in the car and went for a drive around to see if I could see the chute. Phil had been out there for 4 odd hours he was at the point of giving up and was quite upset about it. It was getting near dark and the birds suddenly went quite and he kept walking further towards the lake and guess what he heard a faint beeping I could imagine the relieved look he wouldve had on his face right about now. Greg was now out in the field and was able to help Phil carry the rocket back to camp. Job well done.

Time for the night time activities and dinner.

Becky, Owen, Ryan, Jackie, Rick and numerous kids had joined us for the afternoon launching as well.




CLOSEST TO THE PAD - To be announced

BEST LOOKING ROCKET - Darren / Devestator


LONGEST WALK - Phil / Competitor 5





After a really late night it was an early start and Garrick and Phil and later joined by Mike were up early looking for the Moo Cow and found it missing the 54mm casing. Ohh dear this was not a good start to the day for some.

Bad tuned to worse when our 2 shade sails went for a tumble across the field lucky one could be salvaged weird 6 sails lined up ours was joined to others and ours went, just like last year and yes they were tied down more than the others.

Anyways stuff happens lets launch some rockets...

Ashley started the day with his newly built Hijax on a B6. Many visitors had started to arrive to launch rockets so many of us were busy at the pads helping out.

Frank arrived to join in the weekend and James well what can I say he did not look his happy self this morning alot of Jimmy will do that to a person you know. There was a reference to Johhny Cash that should sum it up for most people .

Young Brayden and Tyler got some launches in as did Emma, Mitch, Tristen, Thomas and Callum.

The next of the walking started when Dazza sent up the California Kid on a J90 ohh yeah that gave the spectators something to wake them up with. What a beauty of a flight it was too.

We had a bit of entertainment when Ash's rocket landed in a rather tall tree behind the farmers house, many tried to retrieve it, the farmer brought over his tractor and lifted one person in the bucket and they tried with long pieces of pipe to get the rocket out. Then the farmer had enough of being careful and started shaking the tree with the bucket minus the person of course. Nope it wasnt happening you could see he was going to try and break the tree in half for this tiny Hijax kit. I didnt want to see a tree harmed for the love of rocketry and gave our Junior member a new rocket kit to save on any tears from losing his first rocket kit up a tree.

Andy put the Norad up on a G64 and I think he is pretty close to his Level 1 Cert I think he is just burning up some extra motors now. I was lucky enough to see Bill launch his Stormcaster and get it closest to the pad before going for a walk over the hill.

James sent the V2 up on a G75 again before the 2nd M flight which had attracted quite a few visitors. I was almost a km away over the back of the property with Darren and Mark, this time there was a tracker attached in the electronics bay but wasnt really needed Thanks Wayne.

Watching the M flight from a distance was like watching a missile being launched on tv with surround sound on all you see is a rocket with the smoke then moments later the sound hits you and it feels so real and intense very hard to explain but it was a great feeling. Now for more running across the paddock to get a visual of the rocket landing. This flight was perfect and to watch the rocket hit the thermals and hover on its main chute was cool, it was also a relief to see the rocket just miss landing in the trees.

then Jeremey got the Eliminator off the pad. Bill launched his Stealth on an F27 I really was upset I missed this flight in person I had been waiting all weekend to watch it There is always Toodyay)

Our newest Member Ashh was very keen to keep flying his new Hijax and with so many lovely flights it was a pleasure to watch the enthusiam from a Junior member. Jeremy flew his RDR2 on 2 E9-6. Katrina Jnr flew her Alpha on a c6-7 before Dazza was out on the pad.

Warlock on a I266R and up she went and pop the chute let go and down came the rocket not too sure if its in good condition or not. Dazza will update me no doubt.

Jeremy drag raced 2 of his rockets, then Tyler flew his pencil rocket. Trish launched her Viper, then the Cheetah on a F24 and Andy sent the Norad up on a G53.

At this point I heard my name being called, Jess was up at the pad to launch her scratch built "Princess" rocket on a reload G53 motor she learnt to put together under the watchful eye of her Dad. She was nervous being her first built and designed rocket and her first G launch. What a great flight and landed not too far away either she was happy.

Andy was launching the Norad on a G77 this time. followed by Brayden and Tyler doing a few launches. Garrick and Wayne had their rockets ready to launch Sentinel on a J350 roared off the pad as did Waynes Firestorm nice flights from both rockets.

I hadn't launched all weekend due to time to sit and put together a reload so I though better fly something so I sent the Velociraptor on an I300 up she went nice and straight nice whistle from the fins and a brilliant flight until the shock cord was blown back into the chute, thud is not a nice sound to hear when a rocket lands, but with only 2 fins needing new fillets its all good.

Bill sent up the Renegade all was found. Angela launched her first rocket her Pink Frangipanis on a C6-7 then we had an egg lofting comp. Jess was closest to the pad, Dazza had an egg in his Rickter Recter and Emma and Nick had longest in the air. Well done guys and Mike as busy prepping his Mean Machine for the Eggstatic cheering this time

The rebuilt mean machine went up nicely and the chute popped no lawn dart title for you this year we were all disappointed hehehehe.

Garrick returned empty handed so Cherie and I went to help find the Sentinel whilst Phil loaded my Samurai with a J350. I was halfway through the paddock when I heard the Samurai launch sweeet as. Ohhh no the rocket had arched over and still no ejection she was coming in fast and the whistle she made sounded like a missile coming in to hit I swear I felt the ground move or was that the sinking feeling in my stomach not too sure. I think my reaction over the walkie talkies said it all to how I felt towards Phil right about now....

Anyway continued on to find the Sentinel not much I could do for the Samurai she hit hard there wont be much left I can tell you. Young Katrina launched her brothers Stealth on a F27 which I missed again (just my luck) and Wayne managed to launch his Firestorm and then his Raptor MK2 on a G64 which was recovered nicely.

We returned empty handed so another lost rocket for Garrick.

After showers it was time for dinner and a sit around the fire whilst the boys were being boys and having a little fun. We were all happy but very tired and I dont think anyone was up to packing up for the next day.



PERFECT FLIGHT - Darren / California Kid

CLOSEST TO THE PAD - Bill / Stormcaster




LONGEST WALK - Phil / Competitor 5






This year we had peoples choice awards and the winners are (insert drum roll)

Most Impressive Lawn Dart - Phil Samurai 100% votes

Perfect Flight - Wayne Firestorm 95% Dazza California Kid 5%

Closest to The Pad - Bill Stormcaster 95% James Jnr rocket unknown 5%

Best Looking Rocket - Jeremy RDR2 60% Garrick Moo Cow 20% Garrick Sentinel 20%

Most Spectacular Stuff Up - Darren Warlock 80%

Longest Walk - Phil Competitor 5 80% Garrick 20%

Bad Rocket Karma - Garrick 75% Phil 25%

Junior Best Looking Rocket - Bill Stealth 50% Jess Princess 30% James Jnr 15%

Junior Most Impressive Flight - Bill Stealth 66% Jess Princess 17% James Jnr 17%

Ladies Most Impressive Flight - Trish Cheetah 60% Nat Velociraptor 20% Jess Princess 20%

Congratulations to all those who had the highest % you have won a rocket kit.

Thanks to all those who voted.