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Perth Advanced Rocketry Club INC

If you are you looking for a REAL hobby, one that's more than a little different and you like mind blowing speed and the roar of rocket engines, then you should seriously consider model rocketry as a hobby. Nothing compares to launching a hobby rocket to a few thousand feet. You'll be the talk of your friends and co-workers alike. And the whole family can and often do enjoy rocketry together. How many hobbies can make that boast?

If you've never seen a real rocket fly you just have to attend the next launch! You'll be blown away! We hope to see you there!

Model rocketry has been around since the late 1950's (see the movie 'October Sky') and there has been an estimated 600+ million flights since this time with no serious incidents.The Perth Advanced Rocketry Club is in it's 13th year and we look forward to many more years of safe, fun advanced rocketry and we'd like YOU to be a part of it! So come on down to the next launch (see Launch Dates page for dates and a map).

All memberships include $10,000,000 liability insurance cover. 10% discount off all Estes, Quest and Aerotech products at WRL Rocketry and Stanbridges Hobby Store, use of club equipment, mail outs, newsletters, site shed and access to fly at all ARA launch sites across Australia.